Can You Become A Happier Person While Staying At Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Yale University now offers its most popular course, “The Science of Well Being,” online, and it’s currently being offered for free through Coursera. The course is taught by Yale psychology professor Laurie Santos. Professor Santos synthesizes all the “happiness” research done over time into a course that presents evidenced-based ways of improving our mental well-being. [...]

Underhill Law COVID-19 Update


Please allow us to extend our sincerest well wishes to you and your families, coworkers, and friends as we all navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are members of the same local, state, national, and international communities. While it is certain that the world will survive, the human and economic costs are uncertain. [...]

Using Games to Increase Sales


Using Games to Increase Sales People enjoy playing games, and some retailers incorporate this into the way they do business. From loyalty cards with potential discounts to the McDonalds’ Monopoly game, these things can potentially increase sales and customer loyalty. Before taking advantage of people’s love of games, business owners should ensure their games [...]

Using Independent Contractors in Your Business: Will You Survive the Inevitable Audit?


Using Independent Contractors Instead of Employees Misinformation about using independent contractors is rampant in Colorado’s business community.  A business can run into trouble when it structures its workforce without understanding Colorado and federal laws on independent contractors and employees.  Federal and state agencies audit businesses to determine whether their independent contractors must be reclassified [...]

OFFBOARDING: How to Make a Clean Break with an Employee


OFFBOARDING:  How to Make a Clean Break with an Employee To the business owner, letting someone go is a business decision.  To the employee, termination means an abrupt loss of their livelihood and often injury to their pride.  A worker who faces the loss of pay without immediate options for reemployment has a strong [...]