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Restaurant Edition

restaurant edition

The Underhill LegalPlan Restaurant Edition addresses some of the common challenges faced by businesses that operate restaurants open to the public. After years of working with restaurants, Underhill Law has developed a plan that addresses some of the unique challenges faced by employers with a potentially large and high-turnover workforce dealing with many transactions each day.

Consider the Restaurant Edition for Your Business If…

  • You operate a restaurant open to the public;
  • You employ numerous part- or full-time employees;
  • You regularly deal with customer or employee complaints;
  • You need advice on leases or franchise agreements;
  • You regularly deal with employee garnishments; or
  • You want help advising you on claims to your insurance carrier.

The Underhill LegalPlan Resturant Edition Typically Includes:

Ongoing for 12 months

Everything that is included in the Foundation Edition plus…

Restaurant Edition Supplements:

  • Review of Human Resources practices and advice on same
  • Assistance in responding to and tracking garnishments
  • Review of leases and franchise agreements
  • Assistance in investigating customer or employee complaints
  • Off-boarding of employees

Price: $400.00 / mo plus Foundation Edition Rate of $950.00
(and plus any other LegalPlan editions)

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