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Enterprise Edition

Enterprise edition

The Underhill LegalPlan Enterprise Edition is designed for both established and newer businesses who intend to grow and who may need more work on their foundational governing documents to support that growth. After decades of working with businesses, Underhill Law has developed a LegalPlan to assist these businesses with the more complicated work needed to set up their business for long term success.

Consider the Enterprise Edition for Your Business If…

  • You are planning to add new owners to your business;
  • You do not yet have bylaws or an Operating or Shareholder Agreement;
  • You need an employee manual tailored to your business;
  • You regularly review or create long, detailed contracts;
  • You want to prepare your business for the long term; or
  • You anticipate a sale, merger, or acquisition of your company.

The Underhill LegalPlan Enterprise Edition Typically Includes:

Ongoing for 12 months

Everything that is included in the Foundation Edition plus…

Enterprise Edition Supplements:

  • Drafting foundational documents such as Operating Agreements.
  • Creation and storage of a company minute book.
  • Employee Manuals tailored to your business needs.
  • Review or creation of contracts without size limitation.
  • Creation of documents to assist in simple mergers, sales, or acquisitions.
  • Owner / officer dispute resolution.
  • Assistance with director or manager meetings and resolutions.

Note: Publicly traded businesses are not eligible for the LegalPlan.

Price: $900.00 / mo plus Foundation Edition Rate
(plus any other LegalPlan editions)

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