Practice Areas


For over thirty years, attorneys with the Firm have been representing Colorado business owners on the core issues they encounter while doing business in Colorado. The firm prides itself on being able to handle virtually all of the practice areas that matter to a business owner.

Even if you are not a business owner, the Firm can still help you so long as your legal problem is within the firm’s expertise. By hiring the Firm, you are hiring a firm with a wholistic, practical, and creative understanding of the business and legal issues underlying the matter in dispute.

Practice Areas at Underhill Law, P.C.


LegalPlan – Subscription-based general counsel work for your business

The Firm’s experience with business owners and breadth of knowledge allows it to offer a unique, affordable, subscription-based legal service to Colorado businesses. If you need an attorney on call to help answer legal questions, draft or revise contracts or leases, handle garnishments or service of process, file mechanic’s liens, or handle other of a myriad of day-to-day transactional tasks, the LegalPlan may be right for you.

Litigation – Court disputes to enforce your rights

From simple collection actions to complicated shareholder disputes, the Firm’s litigators stand ready to pursue and defend claims in Colorado state and federal courts. The firm prides itself on a rational, expected-value based approach to litigation, making sure the client is educated and informed to make decisions in the case, paired with efficient and creative lawyering to overcome common bullying or obstruction tactics by the other party.

Construction Law – Contracts, construction defects, liens and more

The Firm’s practice involves many contractors and others in the contracting industry. If you want to protect your rights as either a general contractor, subcontractor, or property owner, the firm can help. Protect yourself from the risk of expensive construction defect disputes and ensure you do not miss deadlines like those related to mechanic’s liens or notices of defect.

Business Law – Business formation, transactional work, and planning

Whether you enroll in a LegalPlan or not, the Firm can provide assistance on the tasks common to your business. Working with a lawyer is critical if you are forming a new business, particularly if there will be more than one owner. The right legal documents can ensure that your corporation or limited liability company starts off on the right foot with a good understanding of everyone’s rights and responsibilities.

Business Owner Disputes – Business divorce

Very few things can destroy a business faster than arguments between the owners, directors or managers in charge of a company. When relationships break down and the company’s leaders no longer agree, they need a good attorney who will give them value-based advice on their next steps. Where litigation is necessary, the firm can apply its deep experience in litigating such cases to give you the best chance of a good resolution.

Public Adjusting or Appraisal – Legal advice for those who adjust claims

The Firm has specialized experience in understanding the needs and challenges of public adjusters and their unique role in an insurance claim, specifically those that go to litigation. If your business has problems with policyholder attorneys or insurance carriers ignoring your input and interests, we can help.

Government Disputes – Audits, investigations, and regulatory advice

Every business must comply with some kind of government oversight. Some, like those regulated under the Retail Marijuana Code or the insurance industry, bear onerous levels of regulation. Even more run-of-mill businesses still have to worry about properly classifying their independent contractors, complying with wage and hour laws, and other business regulations. If you are facing an investigation or audit or would like to prepare to avoid one in the first place, you may want to call the Firm.

Employment Law – Employees, manuals, and discrimination

If your business has employees, you will have employee issues. The Firm can help you with onboarding procedures, employment contracts, employee manuals, discrimination or wrongful termination issues, and other matters. Even if your business uses independent contractors instead of employees, it is still critical to stay abreast of Colorado employment law and, among other things, make sure that your independent contractors are properly classified.