How an Economic Downturn May Affect Contractors

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Many businesses do not hire an attorney until they already have an active problem, sometimes a lawsuit. Far better to have an attorney help provide advice or draft documents before any dispute arises. But, attorneys are expensive and many businesses are reluctant to hire counsel due to uncertainty about what it will cost.

The core of Underhill Law’s practice is representing Colorado businesses on all issues they could reasonably encounter. Whether your business is just starting or is getting ready to grow, Underhill Law is here to put your business on a firm legal foundation.

People get involved in a business for different reasons. Sometimes it is merely a sensible way to get a return on an investment. But, sometimes, it the owners have an emotional commitment to the business that can make disputes between owners feel more like a divorce than a business deal. We can help.

The Firm represents general contractors, subcontractors, and property owners with respect to construction issues. These kind of cases involve many strict laws that govern mechanic’s liens, notices of defect, and other matters. An attorney is critical to understanding how to protect your rights under these laws.

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