Top Reasons to Hire Our Greenwood Village Business Lawyers

Top Reasons to Hire Our Greenwood Village Business Lawyers

Why You Should Hire a Greenwood Village Business Lawyer at Underhill Law, P.C.

The goal of the business attorneys at Underhill Law, P.C. is to be among the finest and most trusted lawyers and counselors to business owners and entrepreneurs in the Denver metro area. As trusted counselors, we educate and work with our clients to help them establish and achieve their long-term business goals while avoiding common pitfalls.

As lawyers, we provide innovative, practical legal solutions to the immediate business, tax, real estate, and government problems confronting our clients. We are dedicated to assisting business owners and entrepreneurs in resolving disputes cost-effectively through negotiation and, should negotiation fail, with dedicated, cost-effective litigation.

We measure our success by the long-term success of our business clients.

We Can Help You Resolve Issues before They Become Complex & Costly Problems

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In addition to providing business, government, and litigation services under traditional lawyer fee arrangements, we offer innovative LegalPlans, under which we provide a suite of legal services designed to strengthen your business and allow you to benefit from ongoing legal support, guidance and solutions at fixed monthly fees.

Joanne Underhill

Joanne Underhill


Joanne Underhill, the founder of Underhill Law, P.C., focuses her current practice on business transactions, tax problems, real estate issues, and governance issues,


Colin Moriarty


Colin Moriarty focuses his practice on business and commercial litigation and arbitration. Using a trial attorney’s perspective, he advises business clients on contract issues.

Melissa Rolli

Melissa Rolli


Melissa Rolli is a paralegal with over 20 years of legal experience in varied areas of law. She is also a Colorado Notary Public. Thanks to her superior multitasking skills and commitment to client satisfaction.

Becki Honeyman

Becki Honeyman


Becki Honeyman is the firm’s parttime office manager, bookkeeper, and PC Law consultant. In addition to keeping the books straight, Becki manages the firm’s payroll and employee benefit programs and has mastered PCLaw.

Benefits of Working with Underhill Law, P.C.

  • We have decades of experience serving business owners – We endeavor to solve problems and help our clients grow their businesses through acquisitions, investors, lease negotiations, and other significant transactions. We have extensive experience resolving business disputes and litigation. Our attorneys’ early experience in federal and state government gives us insights that can help resolve federal and state regulatory issues.
  • We offer a unique way of working with a lawyer – The firm’s LegalPlans stand out as an affordable way to work with a lawyer on a wide range of legal issues. They offer a way to obtain a seasoned lawyer’s expertise on legal issues that commonly occur in business at a predictable cost, through fixed monthly fees. In addition to addressing immediate issues, our LegalPlans are designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to build a stronger legal foundation to set their business up for long-term success.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know. So, we offer free monthly workshops – Our workshops are focused on topics that are important to small business owners and entrepreneurs. The workshops provide very useful information and insights into “why things are the way they are” and how the courts have approached common business disputes.
  • We always strive to communicate fully with you – When we first meet, we listen to you. We need to gain a thorough understanding of the issue(s) that brought you to our firm. We also want to understand your business and discover your goals, your objectives, your values, your point of view, and your budgetary constraints. Then, we explain the options for dealing with the issue(s) at hand, as well as the timetable, risks, complexity, and likely cost of each option. If a lawsuit or arbitration may be required, we want you to understand the litigation process and cost and benefits involved. When you hire us for a complex lawsuit, we expect to prepare a detailed case plan and budget so you better understand the time commitments and expenses that are involved. As the representation proceeds, we keep you informed. Finally, we endeavor to speak plain English, not legalese.  

Contact a Business Lawyer at Underhill Law, P.C.

If you are involved in a business dispute, you are about to embark on a significant business transaction, or you need ongoing legal support as your business evolves, contact a Greenwood Village business lawyer at Underhill Law, P.C. for experience, answers and solutions.

Call (303) 721-7112 for an appointment. We are ready to meet to discuss your situation.

Dedicated to solving and preventing problems that arise in a business and to supporting clients’ growth through sound business transactions, our experienced attorneys provide legal services under traditional hourly rate and contingency fee arrangements, as well as innovative LegalPlans, to:

  • Meet your business needs
  • Resolve your business’ legal problems
  • Avoid issues as you develop your business by improving your employee, independent contractor, and customer contracts and procedures
  • Help you protect your business while positioning it for success.

Our combination of services and payment options allows you to take control of your legal services and your legal budget.

From our conveniently-located office in the Denver Tech Center, we provide top-tier legal services and counsel to business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the Denver metro area and the state of Colorado.