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Contractor Edition

Mechanic's Lien

The Underhill LegalPlan Contractor Edition is designed for those businesses that extensively utilize independent contractors and perform work improving real property (e.g. roofs, exteriors, plumbing, remodels). After years of working with contractors, Underhill Law has developed a LegalPlan offering to assist these businesses with problems and legal responsibilities that they regularly encounter.

Consider the Contractor Edition for Your Business If…

  • You are in the business of improving or repairing real estate;
  • You want to strengthen the contracts used in your business;
  • You regularly utilize an independent contractor sales staff and crews;
  • You are concerned about your online reputation and reviews;
  • You need assistance in helping with customer collections; or
  • Your customers often pay using proceeds of insurance claims.

The Underhill LegalPlan Contractor Edition Typically Includes:

Ongoing for 12 months

Everything that is included in the Foundation Edition plus…

Contractor Edition Supplements:

  • Assistance with Independent Contractor onboarding and offboarding
  • Mechanic’s Lien notices and recording
  • On-site Training of your staff regarding contracts and collections
  • Petitions to Appoint Umpires (one at a time, some exclusions apply)
  • Insurance claim assistance

Price: $400.00 / mo plus Foundation Edition Rate
(plus any other LegalPlan editions)

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