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Complex disputes can threaten a business’ operations, as well as its bottom line and reputation. Whether these disputes involve employees, customers, other businesses, or government agencies, a deep understanding of both the business and the legal issue(s) is integral to resolving these disputes favorably and efficiently.

Position your business for the best possible outcome in lawsuits and arbitration with the representation of an experienced Denver Metropolitan area lawsuits and arbitrations attorney at Underhill Law, P.C. We have been part of hundreds of successful litigation efforts.

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At Underhill Law, P.C., our attorneys are dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs protect their interests in arbitrations and litigation. Ethical, skilled and purpose-driven, we have the insight and experience to effectively represent you in any legal setting as we diligently strive to bring the legal disputes and problems impacting your business to a successful resolution.

We are ready to discuss your situation, explain your options, and help you navigate the road ahead.

Litigation & Arbitration Practice at Underhill Law, P.C.

The attorneys at Underhill Law, P.C. have extensive experience representing business owners and entrepreneurs in a range of lawsuits and arbitration cases, including (but not limited to) those involving disputes over:

  • Contracts – Contract disputes can arise with clients, employees, vendors, and others. Whether a poorly written contract has led to multiple interpretations or another party has breached the contract, we will vigorously protect your rights and interests. Some of the various types of contract disputes we are skilled at handling include those involving confidentiality agreements, noncompetition agreements, subcontractor and vendor agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and more.
  • Employment issues – Our attorneys represent businesses in various employment law disputes, including those that involve employment contracts and allegations of,   sexual harassment and discrimination. We represent small local businesses as well as large companies in various industries.
  • Business divorce™ litigation – When disputes between business owners cannot be resolved out of court by consensus, mediation, or negotiation, litigation may be necessary to dissolve the business relationship. Our lawyers will aggressively defend you in business divorce™ litigation. The ultimate goal is a resolution that will help you achieve your goals and allow the business to survive and prosper going forward.
  • Regulatory matters – Our attorneys’ early experience in federal and state government empowers us with the insights that can help resolve a range of federal and state regulatory issues, including compliance issues, tax issues, and employment issues.
  • Business torts – We are focused on limiting your business’ liability in a variety of tort cases, including (but not limited to) product liability and premises liability litigation. We are ready to pursue alternative dispute resolution options (like mediation and arbitration), as well as trial whenever necessary to help you secure the best possible outcome.
  • Franchising – Franchise disputes can involve breaches of franchise agreements, failure to pay franchise fees, infringement, and other disagreements. Our lawyers can guide you through these disputes, working to help you identify your options, obtain favorable resolutions, and achieve your objectives.

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For exceptional representation and advocacy in any lawsuit or arbitration case involving your business, contact a Denver Metropolitan area litigation attorney at Underhill Law, P.C.

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For more than 30 years, our  lawyers have been committed to providing value and excellence to our clients. We are focused on devising and delivering innovative, effective, custom solutions for the legal issues confronting business owners. Our goals are to help you:

  • Take control of your legal services and your budget
  • Devise and pursue the best solution(s) to meet your business’ legal needs and/or resolve its legal problems
  • Protect your business interests, with cost containment in mind, while helping you position your business for success.

From our conveniently-located office in the Denver Tech Center, we provide top-tier legal services and counsel to business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the Denver metro area and the state of Colorado.