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Customer Contracts and You


Customer Contracts and You Taken very broadly, American civil law deals with how we sort out disputes between private people (or organizations) that do not involve a crime. Where they did not have a chance to meet and discuss their obligations and rights among each other beforehand, such as in a car accident between strangers, [...]

There Are Times When You Can’t Be Your Own Witness


There Are Times When You Can't Be Your Own Witness A sales rep from Littleton, Colorado called me recently to help him collect an override bonus he was entitled to for training a new colleague. The expected bonus was sizeable, but unpaid, and he wanted to sue. His problem was that the bonus arrangement was [...]

Why Written Agreements Are Essential In Business


Why Written Agreements Are Essential In Business I get a lot of calls from people who are owed money, but the person who owes won't pay up. Most of the time they need to collect a payment from a customer, but sometimes they want to collect a promised bonus or get a loan repaid. They [...]