Pending Lawsuits against Artificial Intelligence

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Pending Lawsuits against Artificial Intelligence Computer software can be used to mimic human creativity in fields like art, coding, writing, and music. Because there is not yet an established legal framework on how to treat these technologies and because creators are concerned, justifiably so, that these developments are about to disrupt their industries, lawsuits are [...]

What Does a Business Attorney Do?

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Large and small businesses must ensure that all their proceedings follow the law. A business attorney can provide the guidance, expertise, and counsel to ensure a company is keeping in line with legal standards in various business practices. Learn more about what a business attorney can do to protect and support your business. If you [...]

When Businesses Partners Divorce

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When Businesses Partners Divorce Sometimes events and the planets don’t exactly align in favor of business decisions, requiring business partners to call an end to a merger or partnership. For instance, General Electric recently considered cutting loose of their majority stakeholdings in Denver oilfield services corporation Baker Hughes. That hasty divorce, if completed, would have [...]

What Does “Piercing the Corporate Veil” Mean?

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What Does "Piercing the Corporate Veil" Mean? If you own a business, you probably have heard about the "corporate veil" and perhaps wondered what it is. In Colorado, a corporation is formed when its organizers file articles of incorporation with the Colorado Secretary of State's office; to create a limited liability company, the organizers file [...]

Are Card and Board Games Legal in Colorado?

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Are Card and Board Games Legal in Colorado? I have noticed a proliferation in card and game stores in Colorado since 2010. A lot of this growth is on the back of very lucrative games like "Magic: The Gathering," that encourage customers to enter tournaments hosted by card and game stores that award prizes in [...]

Customer Contracts and You

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Customer Contracts and You Taken very broadly, American civil law deals with how we sort out disputes between private people (or organizations) that do not involve a crime. Where they did not have a chance to meet and discuss their obligations and rights among each other beforehand, such as in a car accident between strangers, [...]

There Are Times When You Can’t Be Your Own Witness

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There Are Times When You Can't Be Your Own Witness A sales rep from Littleton, Colorado called me recently to help him collect an override bonus he was entitled to for training a new colleague. The expected bonus was sizeable, but unpaid, and he wanted to sue. His problem was that the bonus arrangement was [...]