Large and small businesses must ensure that all their proceedings follow the law. A business attorney can provide the guidance, expertise, and counsel to ensure a company is keeping in line with legal standards in various business practices.

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What is a Business Attorney?

All formal businesses are required to comply with specific legal standards and practices as part of their routine operation. It is the company’s responsibility to know, understand, and practice legal procedures to remain in operation and avoid penalties, lawsuits, and other complications. 

A business attorney is an attorney who helps a company understand and follow all legal procedures related to its business. A business attorney will also help navigate any legal issues that arise, including lawsuits, disputes, and other common matters. Companies may use the services of a business attorney to handle specific legal issues or employ lawyers as part of their corporate staff. 

What Qualifications do Business Attorneys Have?

Business lawyers hold an undergraduate degree, often in business management or a related field, and a law degree. Many business attorneys focus on tax, labor, and corporate law during law school. This education provides the foundation for a career in business law.

After completing law school, business attorneys must seek licensure in the state where they will practice, which requires passing the state’s bar exam. If an attorney wants to practice law in another state, they must take and pass that state’s bar exam. 

What Do Business Attorneys Do?

Business attorneys provide a range of legal services and counsel to businesses of all sizes. There are many aspects of what an attorney can do to support a business. Here are some of the most common things a business attorney does.

Starting a business

A business attorney can advise on which type of business an individual should form. There are many types of businesses, including:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • LLCs
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations

Choosing the right option is essential as it will provide tax benefits to the company once it’s in business. 

Negotiating contracts

Contract law is an essential aspect of the services a business attorney provides. Contracts can get complicated and often must be negotiated or managed. Business attorneys help write contracts, manage settlements, take people to court, and write NDAs when necessary. 

Managing property laws

Running a business often includes owning or leasing property. Many business owners require legal assistance to ensure contracts, rental agreements, or purchases are fair and lawful. A business attorney will provide guidance and counsel related to real estate law and ensure the business follows all legal guidelines during these negotiations. 

Business attorneys provide a broad array of other legal services, including handling lawsuits, protecting intellectual property, managing interstate and international movement of goods, and more. A business attorney is a critical aspect of the functioning and prosperity of any company, regardless of size. 

Do I Need to Hire a Denver Business Attorney?

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