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LegalPlans at Underhill Law, P.C.

LegalPlans at Underhill Law, P.C.

LegalPlans at Underhill Law, P.C.

How many times have you declined to pursue a collection matter from a customer because it just wasn’t worth the time and money to file a mechanics lien or negotiate a payment?

How many times have you hesitated to pick up the phone to call your business attorney because you were concerned about what it might cost?

How much time do you spend on legal issues, be they customer, employee, or regulatory, when you would prefer to have an expert address them, but you don’t want to spend the money to hire an expert?

If any of these situations applies to you, don’t hesitate to contact Underhill Law, P.C.

We Can Help You Build a Rock-Solid Legal Foundation for Your Business

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The LegalPlans offered by Underhill Law, P.C. empower business owners with ongoing legal support, guidance and solutions at fixed monthly fees.

About Our LegalPlans: Fixed-Price Monthly Legal Service Plans for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Our LegalPlans bring predictability and economic rationality to your legal services requirements. Offering fixed-price monthly legal services for business owners and entrepreneurs, these services are tailored to fit your specific business needs.

Typically, the legal services included in our LegalPlans can involve:

  • Consultations on legal problems that are impacting your business
  • Review and drafting of basic customer, employee, and vendor agreements
  • Advice and assistance on independent contractor procedures and contracts
  • Advice and assistance on employee issues and problems
  • Personnel manuals and employee handbooks
  • Review and advice on a new lease or lease renewal (10 pages or less)
  • Demand letters
  • Mechanic’s lien notices and filings
  • Simple collections

LegalPlan services can also involve our lawyers:

  • Serving as your registered agent and filing your periodic report
  • Preparing your annual meeting minutes
  • Coordinating with your C.P.A. as needed

Our goal is to encourage you to pick up the phone instead of trying to solve legal problems on your own. Many times all you need is a question answered over the telephone, a simple agreement faxed or emailed to you, or a letter from your lawyer to a customer or vendor to back you up in a dispute.

Whether you face legal problems that threaten the future of your business, or you want to build a stronger legal foundation for the business to support future growth and profitability, our LegalPlans can benefit you and your business.

Need Legal Services beyond the LegalPlan?

Plan Members Receive a 10% Discount
for Litigation and Other Legal Services Outside of the LegalPlan

Take control of your legal services and your budget with one of the following LegalPlans:

LegalPlan: The Foundation Edition

Every business needs a rock-solid legal foundation. That is exactly what the Foundation Edition LegalPlan is designed to provide. This LegalPlan includes everyday legal services, as well as counsel and support for legal matters that involve (but are not limited to):

  • Employees, independent contractors and employment law issues
  • Customers, vendors and other parties affiliated with your business
  • Prelitigation collection services
  • Advice and counsel on day to day problems in your business
  • Negative online reviews

LegalPlan: The Contractor Edition

Contractors operate on high-dollar projects with contract-intensive industries. The Contractor Edition LegalPlan includes the offerings associated with the Foundation Edition while also providing more robust services related to:

  • Customer collections – We can help you stay on top of delinquent accounts by improving your customer contracts, recording mechanics liens, and getting involved in collection activity before lawsuits must be filed.
  • Independent contractor hiring and compliance – The State of Colorado and the U.S. Government are actively auditing businesses that use independent contractors. If your business is found to have misclassified independent contractors, you could be liable for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in back payroll taxes, workers compensation benefits, and penalties. We will help you to understand your legal obligations and the steps that you can take to protect your business, and assist you in onboarding and offboarding your independent contractors to minimize your exposure to retroactive tax bills and penalties

LegalPlan: The Restaurant Edition

Restaurants are highly labor- intensive and often have lease and franchise issues. This means that restaurant businesses need more robust legal support in those areas, and the Restaurant Edition LegalPlan is designed to provide that. With the Restaurant Edition LegalPlan, restaurant owners can benefit from enhanced employment law, franchise, and real estate legal services.

Contact a Greenwood Village Business Lawyer at Underhill Law, P.C.

Get ongoing legal support as your business evolves. Obtain a LegalPlan that gives you ongoing access to a Greenwood Village business lawyer at Underhill Law, P.C. at fixed monthly fees.

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Our experienced attorneys have been solving problems in clients’ businesses for over two decades. The variety of our services provides flexibility for us to:

  • Meet your business’ needs
  • Resolve your business’ legal problems
  • Avoid future issues as you develop your business by improving your employee, independent contractor, customer, and vendor relationships
  • Help you protect your business while positioning it for success.

If we are hired as your lawyer, we are ready to discuss your situation, explain your options, and help you navigate the road ahead. With experience in Washington D.C. government, our attorneys are well equipped to deal with federal regulatory problems, as well as day-to-day issues facing business owners and entrepreneurs.

From our conveniently-located office in the Denver Tech Center, we provide top-tier legal services and counsel to business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the Denver metro area and the state of Colorado.