Types of Non-Paying Customers – Buyer’s Remorse

2023-11-28T19:36:35+00:00November 15th, 2023|Articles, Business Law, Updates|

At Underhill Law, we do quite a bit of work involving collection related to construction contracts. We usually represent the contractor, but we sometimes represent the customer. In cases like these, we find the most important thing is to focus the parties on the original deal: workmanlike construction services in exchange for prompt payment. The [...]

LLC Member Liability

2023-11-28T19:39:22+00:00September 8th, 2023|Business Law, Articles|

When Colorado business owners choose the form of their business, they have several options. The most popular are probably the corporation, with directors and shareholders, or the limited liability company, with members and managers. The choice between the two often boils down to various accounting and tax considerations more than anything else, making a business [...]

Uncertain Dates and Amounts in Mechanic’s Liens

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One remedy available to those who perform construction work is the Mechanic’s Lien. In Colorado, this is a security interest in real property that is given to laborers or materialmen who do work on that property. It is a useful tool in ensuring payment on projects for a variety of reasons. It is a statutory [...]

Bank Forbearance and the CARES Act

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While the public health emergency of Covid-19 may have ended, the legal ramifications of the pandemic will be with us for years to come. The federal government enacted many emergency steps to protect citizens and businesses during the pandemic and the shutdowns that followed, such as the CARES Act. One aspect of the CARES Act [...]

A Refresher on the Residential Roofing Bill

2023-11-28T19:47:32+00:00July 1st, 2023|Business Law, Articles|

The Residential Roofing Bill A decade ago, Colorado enacted a new law as part of its Consumer Protection statutes that specified mandatory terms in roofing contracts to be paid by insurance proceeds to ensure transparency and protect homeowners. The Residential Roofing law was passed to protect consumers from roofing fraud following a surge in storm [...]

Roofing Contract Process

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The Roof Insurance and Construction Process After a bit of a hiatus, hail is back with a vengeance in Colorado this year. From the perspective of a roofing company, that means now is the time to go connect with customers because it is far more likely roofs have been damaged and will require repair. From [...]

The Great Resignation and the Great Attrition: Protect Your Company During Employee Departure

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Ready to handle legal issues when someone quits? Long gone are the days where companies could expect every employee to stay with the same employer for decades. We now live in the age of “job hopping,” where employees are regularly changing jobs for various reasons, such as higher pay, better benefits, flexible hours, [...]

Mortgage Companies Sitting on Insurance Checks

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Many times, a homeowner or a general contractor is surprised to learn that the mortgage company on a house is able to intercept insurance proceeds on a covered loss and delay payment. The mortgage company might refuse to disburse money until after the construction project is completed, despite the fact that the construction contract requires [...]

Public Health Emergency Leave in Colorado – It Is Still Here And It Has Been Expanded.

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By now, employers should be aware that Colorado’s Healthy Families and Workplace Act (“HFWA”) includes a provision requiring employers to provide up to eighty (80) hours of paid leave for employees affected by a Public Health Emergency (PHE). See C.R.S. § 8-13.3-405(1). Of course, at the time of its passage in 2020, this law was [...]

Contracting and Public Adjusting

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Most people do not have the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to repair their property after a major loss just laying around. So, contractors who specialize in repairing from losses due to weather, fire, or flood often will agree to work for the insurance proceeds. This can create some tension when [...]